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Dogs and Heat

Here in Northern Ohio, we can experience four different seasons in one day. The sudden onset of warm weather can be a killer for your dog if left inside a car, even with the windows left open. They are not efficient when it comes to thermal regulation.

Unlike humans, dogs do not perspire from the body, only through the bottoms of their feet, which is highly insufficient to dissipate heat. They rely on salivating and panting to regulate the body temperature, again insufficient, so their temperature can rise quickly due to ambient environmental temperature, stress or over exercise.

On a warm day, the inside of a car heats up very fast. It can be 80 to 85 degrees outside, and inside a vehicle, it can rise to 100 to 110 degrees, and over 120 within twenty minutes. Even outside temperatures in the 60's or 70's can bring danger to your animals.

Heat stroke, or hyperthermia can cause severe illness, organ failure, and even death to your dog in a matter of minutes.

Keep your dogs cool and safe on hot days, and not in your car. This goes for over exercising also. If you see a dog left in a hot car, call animal control, the police, or 911.

Should your animal experience heat stroke, wet him down with cold water, NOW, and seek immediate veterinary care.

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