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Perch roll ups

March 26, 2013


1LB bacon
... yellow perch fillets
1 bottle of your favorite Teriyaki marinade (the thicker the better)

Easy to prep... Take your perch fillets and put them in a bowl. Cover with teriyaki marinade and refrigerate. Marinate for anywhere between a half an hour to 3 hours.

While fish is marinating, place the bacon, strip by strip on a cookie sheet. Put in a 300 degree oven just until bacon starts to go clear. DO NOT CRISP THE BACON!
Let cool.

After fish is done marinating, take 1 fillet and one piece of bacon and roll it up. Hold it together with toothpicks.

Place roll-ups on a medium-high grill and keep turning them. The bacon will burn if you don't keep them moving!

When bacon is cooked, the fish will be too... Remove the toothpicks and garnish with chopped up green onion and sesame seeds (optional)

Make lots... They disappear FAST!

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