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Kastaway Joe's Grows
  Kastaway Joe's Grows
Joe's Grows Organic Freeze-Dried Fertilizer Powder Made of 100% organic freeze-dried varieties of all natural fish Highly concentrated – slow, long-lasting time release No chemicals – will not harm kids, pets, animals or the environment. Will not harm foliage if applied directly to the plant Great nutrition for your plants! All purpose: for indoor house plants, outdoor flowers, garden, tomatoes and all vegetables and trees. Works great for seedlings and cuttings, re-potting containers, annuals and perennials. Amazing root growth and lush foliage. Intensifies color, flavor, production and taste. Healthier and larger yielding plants. Low odor Can be used as a dry powder to be mixed into soil or dissolve in water to water the plants Smaller packs are can be used for houseplants - larger bulk packs can be used for your garden



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