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Home-Brewed Tick Recipe

This treatment lasts for 50 detergent laundering, or for one year, whichever comes first. After it dries, there is no harmful pesticide odor and no change in the feel of the garment.


This is for outerwear only. Do not treat undergarments. It's best suited for cotton or cotton-blend fabrics. In some cases, it might darken light colors. The clothing to be treated must be washable... no dry-clean-only garments.

Wear rubber gloves when handling the wet solution or wet garments. Do it outside or in a well ventilated area. The measuring cups and sealable plastic bags you use must be dedicated to this process, and not used for any other purpose.

Materials List

  • 1-pint measuring cup
  • A second measuring device, accurate to 1 ounce
  • Several 2 gallon sealable plastic bags
  • A bottle of Gordon's 10% permethrin solution (available at livestock or feed stores)
  • Water
  • Outwear clothing to be treated
  • Several large rubber bands
  • Rubber gloves


Add one ounce of 10% permethrin to measuring cup and top off with 15 ounces clean water, resulting in one pint. The proper mixing critical. The solution will look almost like milk if mixed properly. If not mixed correctly, it may leave a blotchy appearance on the fabric.

Tightly roll the garment so it will fit into the 2 gallon sealable bag, and secure with rubber bands. Place into the bag and add the thoroughly mixed permethrin/water solution. Seal the bag and remove excess air. Gently agitate to insure complete saturation of garment, set aside for two hours or longer to allow wicking.

Wearing rubber gloves, remove and unroll the garment. Check to see that the entire garment is damp, with no dry spots. If the wicking is not complete, reroll and place back in bag. If it's totally damp, hang and let it air dry. When dry, note the treatment date and then store it.

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