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Great Lakes Outdoor Supply

There is no better time than right now to buy a bow. Great deals can be found on all the models still in stock. Winter is also the time to join the Archers Club in door archery range at Great Lakes. A great range and open to your use 24/7 with membership.

Please remember to support our very important friends at GREAT LAKES OUTDOOR SUPPLY . And be sure to visit their NEW store in Middlefield.

Chesterland Store: (440) 729-7675 - Located at 8389 Mayfield Road
Middlefield Store: (440) 632-9151 - Located at 14908 N. State Ave.
Madison Store: (440) 428-0313 - Located at 6595 North Ridge Rd

WEBSITE: www.greatlakesoutdoorsupply.com

Kulis Freeze Dry Taxidermy

725 Broadway Ave, Bedford, OH 44146 - (440) 232-8352

WEBSITE: www.kastaway.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kulis-Freeze-Dry-Taxidermy/187588194589364

Kulis Freeze Dry Taxidermy is the pioneer in the taxidermy field originating the freeze dry process for commercial taxidermy in 1969. The studio was started in 1962, providing 50 years of service to the outdoor world. We also specialize in freeze drying pets of all kinds.

During deer season, not only to we mount heads, but we also process the meat, and offer a full line of smokies, sausage, ground meat, as well as all the regular cuts. Truly a "One Stop Shop".

Kulis Bait and Tackle

725 Broadway Ave, Bedford, OH 44146 - (440) 232-8352

WEBSITE: www.kastaway.com/bait_shop.cfm
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pages/Kulis-Freeze-Dry-Bait-Tackle/277689468128

Kulis Freeze Dry Bait and Tackle is open 7 days a week all year. The store is stocked with terminal tackle as well as a great variety of live bait. Taxidermy and deer meat processing is also provided for the sportsman.

Samosky's Homestyle Pizza

Home of "The Gourmet Pizza"

Valley City, Ohio
Right on Rt. 303, just a mile or so west of Rt. 252

WEBSITE: www.samoskyspizza.com
PHONE: (330) 483-2000

Samsel Supply

The Samsel Supply Company, Your One Source Partner

Opened in 1977, the Samsel 16,000 square foot retail store at 1285 Old River Road in downtown Cleveland Flats area, is unique to the industrial supply industry. It has a reputation as "the source" for 15,000 items needed by construction workers, ironworkers, mariners, firefighters, welders, Coast Guardsmen, SWAT teams and divers.

The Samsel store in open 6 days a week, stocked with the highest quality, professional equipment, keeping America's workforce equipped.

PHONE: (216) 241-0333

Northfield Fireplace & Grills

Your one stop shop for all out outdoor cooking and fireplace needs. If it pertains to any kind of fireplace or outdoor cooking...they can help. In business for 35Yrs.

63 East Aurora Rd, RT 82
Northfield, Ohio 44067.

PHONE: (330) 468-0303
WEBSITE: northfieldfireplace.com

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